Ramp Camp

It’s the end of April and that means it’s that strange time of year where everyone is ready to eat spring food but nothing is close to harvesting. After this year’s particularly long and harsh winter, our spring crops still have a month to go before we will have any yield for our farm stand. [...]

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Erdenheim Farm at the Wissahickon Day Parade

When spring is here, the temperature is just right, and the hours of daylight are finally in our favor, we can't get enough of Forbidden Drive. The name sounds spooky but the winding trails along the Wissahickon are anything but. Joggers, bikers, pedestrians, dog owners, and horseback riders have been finding respite from the busy [...]

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Adventures in Homemade Yogurt

On a recent rainy day trip to our local grocer to replenish our yogurt stash, we were hit with a genius idea. You see, we eat so much yogurt, by the time we had returned to the store from our last trip where we bought all the FAGE they had, they were still sold out [...]

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