Here at Erdenheim, we strive to maintain the traditions and values that have made this land a treasure for so many generations.

Two hundred and fifty years after its original purchase, the McCausland family has invested in the future of the farm. In cooperation with the Whitemarsh Foundation and the Natural Lands Trust, the property has been protected by conservation easements promising that the majority of the land remain as open space in perpetuity. Thanks to this unique cooperation, the farm will remain as it has for many generations. And, new and exciting projects are on the horizon.

The farm produces various vegetable and fruit crops, includes a beautifully manicured orchard, as well as a large greenhouse. As commuters pass through the the property, they can see our prize Black Angus, Highland, and Belted Galloway cattle herds as well as our award winning Cheviot Sheep. Our newly restored horse stable houses our top notch Morgan horse breeding program and sits beside a recently restored 1 mile racing track. The grounds are lush and provide abundant floral scenery as well as pollen for our own honey bees, and plenty of insect life for our free range brood of chickens to snack on.

When you decide to buy from Erdenheim Farm, you are helping to maintain a precious commodity in our area: open space and the beautiful viewscapes which we all cherish. For these reasons and more, we hope you will think of us next time you purchase fruit, vegetables, eggs or meat. Our crops are grown using traditional methods, without the heavy use of chemicals. Our livestock are raised in pastures and treated with respect; and we focus on making the most environmentally friendly choices to maximize our sustainability.