If you tackled yesterday’s Challah recipe, hats off to you and this recipe will taste even better because of your valiant efforts! If you haven’t had a chance to bake your own Apple and Raisin Challah, any soft white bread or brioche will do. But trust us, you’ll want to try this one in the future with the real thing.

Today was the first official day that we left for work in our official Erdenheim Farm sweatshirts. The chill in the air brought us back to our childhoods, taking that brisk walk to the bus stop each morning. We spent the better part of the today’s early activities on a trip down memory lane.

But now we’ve returned, it’s lunchtime, and we brought a little something back for you!

This warm slice of nostalgia gets a grown up boost with crisp, tart, Erdenheim Farm Apples and sharp white cheddar cheese. We used some leftover pancetta from breakfast as well. You can add ham, tomato jam, any greens or perhaps some caramelized onions? It’s up to you!



2 thick slices of Apple and Raisin Challah1 ingredients

1/2 Erdenheim Farm apple, thiny sliced

2 oz (or maybe 3) of thinly sliced sharp white cheddar cheese

Dijon mustard

¼ cup crumbled pancetta

2 tablespoons room temperature butter



1)      Butter the bottoms of one of the slices of challah.

2)      Flip the butter side down and spread a thin layer of Dijon mustard on the top. The top will be the inside of your sandwich.

3)      Place one layer of white cheddar over the Dijon, then a thin layer of apple slices.

4)      Top the apples with the crumbled pancetta and place another layer of white cheddar cheese over top

.2 assemble

5)      Spread a thin layer of Dijon over the side of the remaining piece of challah and set it on top of the pile, Dijon side down.

6)      Butter the top of the sandwich and place on a non stick griddle or pan over a low flame

.3 cook

7)      Cover the sandwich with another pan to keep the heat in and allow the cheese to melt. You can use another shallow pan, a small saucepan, or a pot lid for this part. It helps the sandwich cook more evenly and helps to avoid the “chilly middle” ailment that too many grilled cheeses suffer from

.4 cover

8)      After about 3 minutes, check the bottom of the sandwich, it should be evenly golden and crispy.

9)      Flip the sandwich over and cover

.5 finish

10)  Cook for another 3 minutes or until the other side is golden and cheese is melted.

6 eat


Now slice into two or three pieces, close your eyes, and take a bite! We can almost hear the school bus pulling up now…