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Black Angus
Erdenheim is home to about 150 head of Black Angus cattle. With over 350 acres of grassland to graze upon, our cows play an important role in fertilizing and restoring pasture. All beef that we have for sale is from cows pastured in our fields and born and raised here on the farm. The herd is constantly growing in numbers so on any given day you may see a new born calf taking its first steps in the sun.

Belted Galloway
Originally from the region of Galloway, Scotland, these cows are a rare breed. You can identify Belted Galloway by the distinctive white band that wraps around their bellies. The Belties, as we like to call them, are listed under the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. We here at the farm are grateful to be a part of the conservation effort.

In Scotland, Highland Cattle are spread throughout the mountainous territories, called “The Highlands.” They have a long curved horns and a thick wavy coat in order to protect from the cold climates of their native land. Because of this, their meat is often leaner than that of other cattle as they are able to thrive without producing as much subcutaneous fat for warmth as other breeds.

Once you eat a farm fresh egg, you’ll never go back to the kind you find on the shelves at the grocery store. Our brood is a mixed breed of Rhode Island Red and Leghorn. These chickens live cage free and are free to roam and snack on insects and worms.

Cheviots get their breed name from a range of hills in Northumberland and the Scottish borders. Cheviots are known for their hardy meat yield as well as full medium grade wool. The wool is used in items such as rugs and blankets. Referred to as “the butcher’s choice,” the Cheviot has an ideal ratio of fat to meat, and the cuts are generous in size and well defined.

The family of Sicilian donkeys that live on the farm play an important role as guardians of our sheep. Donkeys are often used for their territorial instincts to protect flocks against predators such as coyotes. Ours have done a fine job and we give them a good scratch every now and then to show our thanks.